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Archibald has been offering seminars to help candidates prepare for the CSE since 2003. The seminars he gives are based on the latest information provided in the most current CSE Test Plan. They are divided into four separate sessions; Session One covers project approval processes, agencies having jurisdiction, land use and environmental regulations etc. Session Two is on Title 24 and other building codes and regulations. Session Three covers general architectural practice issues, pre-design services and basic architectural design services outlined in AIA Document B101. Session Four is on bidding and negotiation phase services, services covered in AIA Document A201 and provisions of other California construction laws.


We are in the process of putting the seminars online and will no longer be offering them via ZOOM, hopefully that will make the seminars more accessible to candidates. if you are interested in our online seminars for the CSE, please check back in the later part of the year. 

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