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Our 2023 study guide has been written specifically for the multiple-choice format CSE. It includes all the test areas outlined in the 2022 edition of the CSE Test Plan. It covers all the Test Plan knowledge and task statements, including all parts of Title 24 and the major changes in the 2022 editions of all those parts. It also covers other California-specific codes and regulations, including the California Environmental Quality Act, California Coastal Act, California Health and Safety Code, Essential Services Building Seismic Safety Act, Field Act, Architect Practice Act, and others.    


The study guide also includes discussions of the 2017 editions of the AIA documents, construction laws, and all the other areas of architectural practice covered in the Test Plan including new practice areas such as project funding sources, value engineering and deferred submittals. Also provided in the study guide are strategies for studying and preparing for the exam.


Here is the Table of Contents and some sample sections on:

California Coastal Act

- CalGreen

- Mechanics Lien Laws 

The cost of the guide is $69.


We now only offer PDF download version of the Study Guide. The PDF will be sent to your email when you enter it at the purchase stage.

Mail order of hard copies is not available at this time.




Our mock exams are also based on the latest CSE Test Plan (2022) and reference materials for the CSE. They are written in the exact format of the CSE. Each exam are comprised of a total of 130 questions and they are separated into three sections. The first and second are Project Scenario Sections; Questions in these sections are scenario-based, the scenarios, with both written and graphic documents, are included in the mock exam. The third section is a General Section with questions pertaining to contents in the CSE Test Plan not specific to any Project Scenario.


Our Mock Exams had been recently revised in 2022, Each Mock Exam now includes a new Project Scenario and 40% of all questions are newly written. Different approaches need to be use in tackling the different sections of the CSE. The Project Scenario questions are typically more complex and more time is needed as candidates will have to go back and forth between the scenario documents and questions. Candidates need to work very efficiently through the project scenario sections. Taking these Mock Exams will allow candidates to get accustomed with the CSE format.


Here are some sample questions from the mock exams. The cost of the mock exams is $22 each.


We now only offer PDF download version of the Mock Exams. The PDF will be sent to your email when you enter it at the purchase stage. Mail order is not available at this time.

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